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Kardia Complete

A comprehensive heart health program that helps your employees or plan members manage their cardiovascular health, KardiaComplete™ offers care that integrates into their current ecosystem.


I led the end-to-end design of a b2c, first-to-world digital therapeutic.

My Role: Player/Coach, Director of UX Design & Research

Objective: To lower healthcare costs and improve outcomes for populations

Solution: KardiaComplete, a digital therapeutic for Atrial Fibrillation and Hypertension offering personalized health programming, education, and coaching.


Patient Benefits: Increased adherence, and enhanced condition management knowledge.

Cost Reduction: Fewer ER visits, and reduced reliance on expensive medications.

Quality of Life: Improved through lifestyle changes and behavior modification.

Key Learnings

  • Center everything around people.
  • Thoroughly understand the actual customer journey.
  • Design with future needs in mind.
  • Use customer insights and feedback for compelling experiences.

Uncovering opportunities through Research-first Innovation

Through competitive research and partnering with our product and marketing teams, I uncovered that there were very few tools and limited information on managing Atrial Fibrillation and Hypertension. 

I conducted a social listening exercise and partnered with my UX Research team and via qualitative interviews we discovered that people wanted more tools to better understand, manage, and care for their heart health. 

Further research, focus groups, qualitative interviews, and additional market insights indicated that an opportunity here would be a structured program that collected and monitored member data giving individuals a better understanding of what was going on with their heart health would be ideal.

Key Objectives that influenced my process were trying to understand how people currently track their conditions and general health with apps.

Throughout the project, we interviewed nearly 50 patients, coaches, and clinicians

Findings were used to influence the product roadmap through feature prioritization

Strategy & Execution

UX Strategy & Design

  • Developed a cohesive strategy aligning business and user goals with technical capabilities.
  • Enhanced brand equity by ensuring brand identity consistency across all UX touchpoints.
  • Conducted UX gap analysis, resource budgeting, and team management.

iOS/Android/WebUI Design

  • Led comprehensive design aspects including architecture, interaction, and visual design.
  • Created 200+ individual screens covering the entire product architecture.
  • Managed design elements like typography, color, illustration, iconography, and animation.

Leadership & Collaboration

  • Built and managed cross-functional partnerships, managing a team of 9.
  • Collaborated with C-suite executives, product, engineering, marketing, etc.
  • Directed team roles including Clinical UX Designer, Lead UX Designer, Content Strategist, UX Researchers, and others.
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